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The Paper Robots

The Paper Robots is a weekly podcast hosted by writer Logan Naugle that chronicles his journey into the comic book industry as he talks to other creators along the way trying to learn and share as much as possible.
It’s really about the conversation with people working in various different industries and how the creative process, careers, and personal lives work for all of them. 
But we’re all also regular humans that buy toilet paper and laugh at the internet, so give us a listen and hopefully we don’t waste too much of your time! 
The episodes very from week to week with content such as: 
  • Guest episodes (artists, writers, music, etc.)
  • PQ’s Topics ( Podcast questions, answering questions from followers)
  • Solo Shows (personal life, struggles and interests of Logan)

Apr 26, 2018

This episodes guest is host of, Sunshine & Power Cuts, Heather Welch. She a positive and warm person spreading positive living by connecting with nature and off the grid living. Her post covers topics of positivity and how to connect with nature while living in the modern age as well as provides insight into off the grid living.
We get into the nature of how the podcast came to be as well as where see wants everything to go!
Congrats to Heather on 6 years off he grid.
Huge thanks for giving my show a listen and also for having such a lovely show. It has helped remind me to be calm and remember my connection to nature but to others.
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