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The Paper Robots

The Paper Robots is a weekly podcast hosted by writer Logan Naugle that chronicles his journey into the comic book industry as he talks to other creators along the way trying to learn and share as much as possible.
It’s really about the conversation with people working in various different industries and how the creative process, careers, and personal lives work for all of them. 
But we’re all also regular humans that buy toilet paper and laugh at the internet, so give us a listen and hopefully we don’t waste too much of your time! 
The episodes very from week to week with content such as: 
  • Guest episodes (artists, writers, music, etc.)
  • PQ’s Topics ( Podcast questions, answering questions from followers)
  • Solo Shows (personal life, struggles and interests of Logan)

May 24, 2016

This episode is with friend and comic artist/creator Jacob Breckenridge. He worked on comics such as Orbital Decay and spent a few years doing stand up comedy. I try to chat with him about comics and creating books in an ever growing market. But like most things we get way off track so enjoy.


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May 10, 2016

A jack of all trades so to speak Scott Matin Thomas stops by to chat about his creative career. He acts, scuplts and has dabbled in everything else and I get to pick his brain.

Follow Scott and check out his art by googling Scott Martin Thomas

IG: Scott Martin Thomas

May 6, 2016

Tommy is back on the show and we are talking about a comic he is working on called The Raven with Eric Shock. The comic is from the golden age of heroes and we cant help but talk about the history of comics/superheoes as well as our futures in writing.

The Raven is on IndieGoGo right now so go check it out and support...