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The Paper Robots

The Paper Robots is a weekly podcast hosted by writer Logan Naugle that chronicles his journey into the comic book industry as he talks to other creators along the way trying to learn and share as much as possible.
It’s really about the conversation with people working in various different industries and how the creative process, careers, and personal lives work for all of them. 
But we’re all also regular humans that buy toilet paper and laugh at the internet, so give us a listen and hopefully we don’t waste too much of your time! 
The episodes very from week to week with content such as: 
  • Guest episodes (artists, writers, music, etc.)
  • PQ’s Topics ( Podcast questions, answering questions from followers)
  • Solo Shows (personal life, struggles and interests of Logan)

Apr 28, 2015

Clay Dudash comes by to talk about a galaxy far far away. Battlefront to cosplaying. The artists journey and finding the hungry to keep going while still being happy where you are at in life




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Do or Do Not

Apr 21, 2015

I stop by TAPE: 1st Annual Tucson Art and Press Exhibit.

Artists/Creators stop by the mics to chat about what they do and let me bug them. Great time


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We are Nerds Podcast

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Apr 14, 2015

Malcolm returns to The Paper Robots and he brings Zach to talk about their upcoming podcast "Down the Hatch." We also ask eachother nerd questions and come up with a new segment.




Apr 12, 2015

this episode we just talk about what is going on in our lives, what we are reading and soccer.






Apr 7, 2015

Bandrew is the guest and we talk about podcasting, among every thing else. Off the rails and so much fun